Eng201 Assignment No 2 Solution 2015

First, I talk on Social Media which has been famous from several years. Social Media became most fastest and popular instrument to communicate together. Therefore, people take it as fruitful and profitable source to spread their thoughts and ideas. Especially electronic social media is performing main role with their features; Facebook one of these, it makes an easiest global communication chain and remove the distance between far peoples. Twitter, Whatsapp, Imo, Skype are also the application producing a network together.

Let’s talk about online business, obviously everyone want to save their time and risk as well specially business class. Online shopping covers both factors very bluntly that’s how it’s being popular in the business people. But in it some disadvantages are most probably noticed general; such that Online company do not fulfill customers desire as they mentioned on their websites, limited specification are   having, etc which somehow make customers disappointed.

i have submitted it but not sure.

ENG201 Solved Final Term MCQs Mega Files

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ENG201 Final Term Paper Sample Questions:

ENG201 Final Term Question 1:- 

Identify each of the following as system software and application software.  (mark 5)
System software: - Linux, Disk cleanup, windows.
Application software:- Word Processor, Student information

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ENG201 Final Term Question 2:- 

Write a program which defines three variables of type double which store three different values 
including decimal points, using set precision manipulators to print all these values with different 
numbers of digits after the decimal number.(5) 
int main ()
double x1 = 12345624.72345
double x2 = 987654.12345
double x3 = 1985.23456
cout << setprecision (3) << x1<< endl;
cout << setprecision (4) << x2 << endl;
cout << setprecision (5) << x3<< endl;
return 0;

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ENG201 Final Term Question 3:- 

Define static variable also explain life time of static variable? (3) 
Static variable means maintaining the state of a variable. It exists and lives around even when we are
outside the function. It is created and initialized only once during the lifetime of the program and therefore
it will be destroyed or taken out of memory only once during the lifetime of the program.

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ENG201 Final Term Question 4:- 

What do you know about run time error? (3) 
Run-Time Errors
• Occur when the program is running and tries to do something that is against the rules
Example: Accessing a non-existent variable, property, method, object, etc (e.g. a method
name is misspelled)
• Sources of these can be determined by a careful reading of the code, but
unfortunately, not always.

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ENG201 Final Term Question 5: 

What is limitation of the friendship between classes? (3) 
Friendship relation between classes is a one way relation that is if one class declare friend another class then
the another class is the friend of first class but not the first class if the friend of another class.

ENG201 Final Term Question 6:  

what is the source and destination of cin?(2) 
For cin, the source is normally keyboard and the destination can be an ordinary variable i.e. native-data type

ENG201 Final Term Question 7:  

Write the general syntax of allocation memory dynamically to an array using new operator? (2) 
Answer: Page 332
Following is the syntax: 
new data_type [number_of_locations];

ENG201 Final Term Question 8:  

What is diffrent between pointer and variable? 
normal variable contains tha value of variable either int or float whereas pointer variable contains the
address of another variable

ENG201 Final Term Question 9:  

What is difference between Unary and binary operators and how they can be overloaded? 
Unary operator takes one argument.
a ++ is an example of unary operator
Binary take two operators
+,-,* are example of binary operators
Overloaded binary operator may return any type
Here is general syntax of overloading
Return-type operator symbol (parameters);
Operator is keyword

ENG201 Final Term Question 10: 

How many types of templates? 
There are two different types of templates in C++ language i.e.’ function templates and class templates.

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