Is3120 Unit 3 Assignment 3

Unformatted text preview: Unit 3 [GB513 : Business Analytics ] Unit 3 Assignment by (Insert your name here) In the summary tables below, insert only the answers. You will show work after the summary section. Question 1 answer Sample size should be: 44 Question 2 answer Since 0.0010 < P-value < 0.0025, reject Ho with strong statistical evidence against Ho and conclude that the true mean gasoline price in the area is greater than $3.16 Question 3 answer The null hypothesis formulated is that there is NO significant difference between the findings of Robert Half International and observed proportion of CFOs getting their money news from newspapers. Since the calculated value (2.13) is greater than the critical value (1.96), at a=0.05, the null hypothesis will be rejected. In other words the test shows enough evidence to reject the findings of Robert Half International. Question 4 answer CALCULATED VALUE = 3.43 CRITICAL VALUE = 2.566 So do not accept the hypthesis that men earn the same amount as women, there is statistical...
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Running head: ASSIGNMENT 3 1 Part 1: Project Definition My idea for a dashboard is a Call Center dashboard for my company. It will include one part that has the call volume per month. Another part will show the first call resolution percentage, which is the percentage of all of the issues that were resolved on the initial call. Another part will display the all of the critical and high priority tickets that still need to be worked on. Another part that will display important messages and updates on new trends and ongoing issues. Finally a part that will have today’s inventory report. The primary stakeholders for this dashboard would be my coworkers and I on the helpdesk. The reason the helpdesk and I are the primary stakeholders is because we would be the only people using this dashboard, because we handle all of the tickets and devices in the company. Part 2: Requirements Collection 1. Should the call volume per month section include the number of calls that were escalated to higher levels? 2. How do you think the first call resolution percentage should be displayed? Should it be a pie chart, bar graph, or line graph? 3. When it comes to the critical and high priority tickets, how do you think they should be organized on the dashboard? Should they be most important to least important? Should there be color schemes to show the importance of each ticket? 4.

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