English 30 Diploma Essay


Do you see how much more interesting adjectives can make things?  Use adjectives to enhance the description of what you are saying.  For example, instead of saying "I was near the ocean" you could say something like "I was near the vast, salty ocean."  What other adjectives can you think of to describe the ocean? Remember to use adjectives to jazz up your writing.




Do you see how adverbs can also enhance the quality of a description?  Use adverbs to make the reader feel the description.  For example, "She is tired" is not nearly as relatable as "She is helplesslyexhausted". Using adverbs improves the connection between the audience and the reaction or impression they are meant to have.

Do you see the difference that adverbs and adjectives can make?

Try one yourself:

"The boy ran to the theatre"

Where could you insert an adjective or adverb? How about an adjective before 'boy' and an adverb behind 'ran'.  You could even put another adjective in front of 'theatre'.  That sentence is now


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An interjection is a word added to a sentence to convey emotion.



Try to avoid using contractions when writing formally.  Make sure you know what your contraction expands to in order to use the proper words (for example, "would've" is NOT short for "would of", but IS short for "would have".)



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