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Describe Your Favorite Song

Music is a very significant aspect in the life of the human being that plays a very vital role in educating, influencing and entertaining people. Although, music is a very broad field, it has attracted and influenced many people. In fact, once music is played, it draws the attention of almost every person around. There are wide varieties and forms of music which include gospel, reggae, locals and hip hop among many others.

However, different people from various regions and background have different tastes for music. Some people like gospel music, others like reggae music while prefer locals to any other form of music. Nevertheless, almost all people have got one thing in common, that is, they are in mad love with certain tunes of music.

How I Came To Know the Song

I am not exceptional when it comes to music. I am very affectionate of music. I love almost all types of music although am very fond of gospel music. However, my most favorite song is a worship gospel by Michael W. Smith entitled, Draw Me Close. This is the song that highly blesses my soul. I was referred this song by my very close friend who first heard it from our local radio stations. I did not hesitate to browse the song over the YouTube.

On hearing the tune, my heart relaxed and calmness overwhelmed my nerves. I felt a sense of joy running down my streams despite the hardships and challenges I was facing after losing one of my beloved pals. Though I was feeling lonely and eradicate from the rest of the word, this song really changed my sad moods.

Importance of the Song to My Life

The beats of the song brings the sense of humility and humbleness in my life. The fact that I love gospel music and more specifically worship songs has played a significant role on the influence of this song in to my life. The song as well acts as my prayer to the almighty God, as it is my desire to be close to his throne.

Every time I feel lonely, stressed or in bad moods, I just listen to this song which really helps me to overcome my negative feelings and situations and give me courage and strength to face these challenges with boldness. Draw Me Close by Michael W. Smith is really a blessing song which I will ever love to listen every minute of my life.


If you could choose one song that expresses who you are, what is it and why? (250 words) MBA Application

In Pulp Fiction as directed by the Quentin Tarantino, there is a moment where Mia Wallace, as played by Uma Thurman, comes home drunk from a victorious win. She rushes to the tape player. The tape spins, clacks to a stop, and plays "Girl, You'll be a woman soon" by Neil Diamond.

The reason why I love this song first and foremost is my appreciation for Tarantino's artistry. This song in its moment serves as a transition for Mia's character and is a queue for an important moment in the movie. This beckons to my designer nature. Additionally, the song signifies more by both lyrically and cinematically representing Mia, the 'girl', and consequently myself.

In Neil Diamond's song, it is made clear that the girl is still a girl, not yet a woman. She is being told to grow up and that she needs a man. Although at first it sounds like she is being forced into a role, we come to realize that she is the one in control. Similarly, Mia Wallace lives in her husband's world. At first, the movie portrays her simply as the boss' wife. However as the movie goes on, we realize that she can stand on her own. She is intelligent, seductive, bold, and unapologetic.

What I appreciate about this song and this moment is a reminder of my own life when I have been undervalued. Where there have been moments as someone that stands as a young woman that works in a male dominated industry and comes from a patriarchal culture, that a lot of times I stand undervalued. However this song and this moment reminds me that it is important to remember that I, like Mia, am able to stand equally as independently and forcefully as my male counterparts.

Anita, you talk more about the connection of the movie in this essay rather than the song. You interpreted the song based upon the story of the movie. In fact, there is very little information in this essay about you that directly connects with the song itself. You somehow turned this into a character review of the movie instead of a "song expression" essay. My belief is that you will need to write a totally new essay in order to properly respond to the requirements.

The essay is not song appreciation. It is about "song representation" or how well the lyrics of a song represent you, what you are going through in life, or who you want to be in life. Try to go through your song collection again. Find the song there that has to screaming "That's me!" each time you listen to it. If a song reflects who you believe yourself to be and what you believe about yourself or the world around you then you have found the perfect song to use for this essay.

You can't leave the description about yourself and why you identify with the song for the very last paragraph of the essay. That is something that you need to do throughout the essay. Start with the song title and why it caught your eye. Then quote lyrics from the song that clearly have an impact upon you. Finally, describe to the reviewer how the overall song has impacted the way you in terms of describing who you are to people.

Anita, I read your essay and correct me if I'm wrong but if you go back to what the essay is asking, you need to choose one song that means a lot to you and represents you. One song that you think can move you and make your day easier that it is. What you have done in this essay is, you chose a song, wrote an essay about it and dice it into a detailed essay.

I suggest that you revise or maybe write a totally different essay and choose one song that best describes you and how this song affects you.

Say for example, my song, Until I fall in love again by David Pomeranz, this song brings a whole new meaning to my outlook in love and life as a whole. This song made me realize that there is always a second chance and as a person you should never let go and there always hope in each and everything you do. This song also reminds me that love can move you in every single way, never waver and never lt go of that good feeling that you have in your heart, this song keeps me calm, peaceful and gives me the amp to live more and have more fun in life while I can.

Something like this sentences should be in your essay.
Following my example, you should be able to come up with a strong essay.

I wish to see your revised essay so we can assist you further.

Thanks for the comments! Currently rewriting. Stay tuned!

Hi All, I've been racking my brain for the last couple weeks trying to figure essay out and although I couldn't find one song, hopefully this satisfies the requirements and is an honest representation of who I am. Please let me know your feedback

When listening to my playlist to find a song that expresses who I am, I realize that it's difficult to say 'Eureka, that's it!". Songs to me are so individualized to the artist, it's hard to find that song that represents me. However as I was browsing through my playlists, an overwhelming nostalgia came over me and my mind started floating away to people as the songs played. That's when I realized that I'm a combination of songs. I am 'The Light' by Common, 'Always on Time' by Ashanti and more because these songs represented moments that make me whole.

When I was listening to 'The Light', I was brought into a moment when I was 16 and I was sitting in my friend's Mazda. It was 3 AM and he took me to his favorite spot where we saw street lights as far as the eye could see. To me that song expresses euphoria and human connection. 'Always on Time' represents a situation when I was in 8th grade and I chose this song for a presentation with girls that bullied me when I first moved into town. They made fun of me for months until I finally stopped them and found a new group of friends. 'Always on Time' represents strength.

In conclusion I would say that what represents me is this random and cheesy playlist because I am someone that holds on to the moments these songs represent and sees teachable opportunities in all points of life.

Seriously Anita, the songs that you chose have very shallow reasons and do not really respond to the prompt in an effective manner. You seem to have chosen two songs but were unwilling to share the important information behind the song choices. You only provided an overview of the songs relevance in your life, not really offering an insight into how the song affected your development or beliefs as a person.

Another problem with what you wrote is that you specifically stated that you could not find a song that would well respond to the prompt. Now why would you do that? That is tantamount to you telling the reviewer that you are not interested in the prompt that you have to respond to. Otherwise, you could have found that one, single song that best expresses who you are.

Pick just one song. Don't try to explain your way out of being undecided. The reviewer will not accept that line of reasoning. If he asks for one song, you give him one song. Remember that information not required in an essay and yet is presented will have a negative effect on your application. Just settle on one of the two songs and be willing to truly let your emotions hang out there. This is the one time that you have to show your vulnerable side to the reviewer. Use the song to express something unique about yourself.

Maybe there is a song that depicts a particular trait of yours. Maybe there is an inspirational song that you listen to when you are faced with a life altering decision. Perhaps you have a song that you listen to in order to lift your spirits when you are sad or disappointed. There are a host of reasons that a particular song resonates with you and expresses who you are. Find that song, the embodiment of your being, and discuss it. Pick the song that draws out the strongest emotion or response out of you. That is the song that you should opt to discuss in this essay. Don't try to discuss 2 under developed songs. It doesn't really work within the prompt parameters.

OKAY I will not quit. Let's try this again.

I am the type of person that often has high expectations for myself and when something that I want does not follow through regardless of my full effort, I am devastated. However through the years I have grown to shake my failures off, which is why I relate to Robyn-'Dancing on My Own'. Robyn sings about an ex-boyfriend that moves on too soon and when she sees him across the dance floor with another woman, she is painfully aware but triumphantly announces 'I keep dancing on my own'.

When I was a sophomore in college, one of the things I looked forward to the most was the study abroad program. When I found out I didn't get in, I felt like a loser.My group of friends in school dissapated as they left to study abroad and it was painful to see their Facebook photos of their time abroad. However that year that I spent without my friends, I decided to turn my grades around and I came out on top of my class. Then when applications came around for the following year, I finally got in and went with a new group of talented people. When I fail it's undeniably painful and embarrassing, but I realize that mastering failure is a much more valuable lesson than winning. Therefore even with upsets and disappointments,I, like Robyn, am perfectly fine on my own.

Anita, your work, determination, and tenacity are to be admired. Your never quit attitude is a fantastic quality in a person and a student. The way that you never gave up in finding that perfect song has definitely paid off with this version of your essay. Just to be clear, you finally nailed the essay :-)

Although the song is a love song, there are lyrics in the song that you can pick out to help you explain how you felt when you saw the Facebook postings of your friends and how you turned that year around for you. I was thinking that you can use the following lines from the song:

Somebody said you got a new friend
Does she love you better than I can?
There's a big black sky over my town
I know where you're at, I bet she's around...
Yeah, I know it's stupid
I just gotta see it for myself...

- I think that the above lyrics can depict how you felt when you saw your friends pictures with their new friends in their exchange student countries.

Then, for the part when you talk about the way that you turned your studies around because you were hurting at not being able to achieve the same things your friends did along with them, you can quote the lyrics:

I'm giving it my all,
I keep dancing on my own
I keep dancing on my own

- I think that in terms of the lyrics that expresses who you are now, those lyrics will work already.

Just remember, at this point, you can make the lyrics fit your story. You can manipulate parts of the lyrics to express who you are or who you have become. so feel free to manipulate the lyrics to your benefit. In the meantime, let me correct some grammar problems with your essay:

I am the type of person who often has high expectations for HERSELFand when something that I want does not follow through regardless of my full effort, I am devastated. However through the years I have grown ACCUSTOMED to SHAKING my failures off, which is why I relate to THE Robyn DISCO INSPIRED SONG -'Dancing on My Own'. Robyn sings about an ex-boyfriend that moves on too soon and when she sees him across the dance floor with another woman, she is painfully aware but triumphantly announces 'I keep dancing on my own'.

When I found out I didn't get in, I felt like a loser.My group of friends in school DISSIPATED as they left to study abroad

Then when applications came around for THE STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM the following year,

Now, let's see if the revised version of your essay, this time with the appropriate lyrics quoted further improves the essay :-) So far, you have already done a wonderful job with the essay prompt response.

woohoo!! That made my day! Thank you for taking the time to add to my essay as well. Extremely grateful for all the insightful and creative tips you've given. Still have many more essays to go but hopefully now I get the gist! :D

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