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The following will address both guiding principles that are globally valuable inethical decision making, and a model that professionals can utilize as they address ethicalquestions in our work.Wallace and Kerridge et al., has identified four moral principles that are viewedas the cornerstone of our ethical guidelines. Ethical guidelines can not address allsituations that a nurse is forced to confront. Reviewing these ethical principles which areat the foundation of the guidelines often helps to clarify the issues involved in a givensituation.According to Kerridge et al, the four principles commonly used in bioethics arethose of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and obligation. By exploring thedilemma in regards to these principles one may come to a better understanding of theconflicting issues. With these theories and principles in discussion of this case study,Wallace and Kerridge et a, suggest the comprehensive ethical decision making model of  bioethic model.


Autonomy is the principle that addresses the concept of independence. Theessence of autonomy is the right to self determination (Staunton & Chiarella, 2003). It isthe ability to control what happens to us and how we behave (Leah, 2000). It involvesrespect for individuals and their personal space. According to code of ethics in Singapore,respect the clients' right for self-determination and provide them with whatever information they require to make informed decisions concerning their own care. Whenclients are incapable of making informed choices, consent should be sought from familymembers or significant others. From the case scenario, Mr. Gary is incompetent inmaking decision and his wife comes in the issue to give consent to go ahead for insertionof nasogastric tube.

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