Fdi India Vs China Case Study


Objectives of the Project

This Project attempts to study the trends and patterns in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)across the five major sectors viz. Infrastructure, Telecommunication, IT and ITeS,Financial Services, Media and Entertainment.

Need for the topic

Post Independence, the Indian government imposed excessive control and stringentregulations over key sectors of the economy gradually led to problems like high inflation,low forex reserves, stagnant growth rate and Balance Of Payment crises in the 1990s, theneed was felt to liberalize the economy in order to keep pace with the dynamics of globalmarkets. Major reforms were undertaken in 1990-91 which broadly covers five major sectors viz. Infrastructure, Telecommunication, IT and ITeS, Financial Services, Mediaand Entertainment. The subject matter gives details on the policy framework and its impacton the major sectors of the Indian Economy

Methodology and Procedure of Work 

The project explain in detail of Indian economy pre and post liberalisation its impact onmajor sectors of the economy. The project have been completed taking the followingconsiderations1.The Study is been carried out on the top investing countries and the the top sectorswhich had attracted larger flow of FDI2.Data Collection: The research have been done with the help of secondary data(from news papers, magazines and using internet). The data collected from the varioussites of the Indian Government and UNCTAD3.Case Studies: appropriate case studies have been provided for enhancing theknowledge related to impact of economic changes on foreign companies investing inIndia.4.Analysis: Appropriate Statistical tools have been used to analyse the growth patterns of foreign investment in India during the post liberalisation period. The percentage analysis used to measure the share of each investing countries and the share2

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