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Glo Mobile School is an interactive Educational SMS platform that inspire students to learn and conduct their own learning outside of the framework of traditional classes. The key contribution of mobile school is that it allow the student’s interests, needs, strengths, and weaknesses to drive the learning process.

Glo is the first operator to launch this service with diversified content keeping us ahead of the competition and allowing subscribers to have Choice beyond Expectations!!! GloMobileSchool is unique and simple targeted towards high school age groups and those willing to refresh their minds.

Glo Mobile School is an SMS base service which is hosted on a dedicated short code 33188. The Mobile School service caters to different sections such as real time past questions tests where customers attend according to the real examinations. And SMS alerts ranges from education News, Admission/Scholarships alert, learning tips etc. The service is available on Subscription and customers will receive test on a daily basis. Customers will be able to subscribe by sending the keyword SCH to 33188. We are providing these inspiring, unique & user friendly service to Glo customers on a subscription base model.

Key Features/Benefits of Glo Mobile School Subscription

  • Learning via SMS for as low as N2/question.
  • Study on the go, anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone.
  • No internet or Smart phone required.
  • Solution to examination mass failure.
  • Increase student learning morals and raise academic standard
  • One-stop access to subscribe to service and Unsubscribe.
  • Easy way to target this age group for operator.

How to enjoy the service
The subscriber can subscribe by sending a text “SCH” to the short code 33188.

How it works: USERS will subscribe by SMS “SCH” to 33188 and charge N25/week then will receive instant text back for user to select J=junior and S= senior, Users who select S as senior will receive instant SMS to choose course category (1=ART, 2 =COMMERCIAL, 3=SCIENCE) and will be registered accordingly.

Subscribers will receive 5 SMS past questions test daily at N2 per answered Question and after answering 5 questions for the day completely will receive Total score with correct answers. Subscribers can answer more questions but 5questions will be scored consecutively at a go.

Subscribers will receive general questions test for students to win prizes but that will be coming up by weekends via SMS.

The service also allows subscribers to receive SMS alerts, on different educational information like news. Ranging from admission/scholarships alert, learning tips and other information that inspires learning

Cost of the service
Flexible charging– N25 for 7 days. And N2 to answer a question.


Click Here for Glo Mobile School FAQs

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